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This is the one area that really sets Eupraxia apart from other workout programs. If you want to lose and maintain a healthy body weight you have to eat right. The problem is there is so much conflicting advice in regards to nutrition how do you know what to do?

This is where I am really good. I take all the confusing information and simplify it in an easy to understand and apply way. When a consumer is confused it makes it easier to sell different products. I have zero interest in selling to you. I am going to teach you exactly which foods you need to be buying. I’m the grocery store or local farmers best friend!

There is constant barrage of headlines popping up over facebook touting this study or that in regards to nutrition. The truth is most of those studies are so poorly designed their conclusions are useless. However, it can still be used to sell. I’ll cut through all the BS and teach you exactly what’s best for you and your family – Dr Czys