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We will be in touch with you shortly after you sign up to set up your initial fit test and orientation. Ideally we like to do this before your first workout, but it's ok if it is done anytime within your first week.

For this assessment, your trainer will offer to take you through a quick fit test on 4 different exercises, just to set your beginning markers for your initial fitness level. Then they will do a quick evaluation of body fat %, weight, measurements and photos. NONE of these tests/evaluations are mandatory. You can choose to opt out of anything. These tests are offered as a way for you to track your progress and see your results. We will do everything we can to help you get results. These tests are the best way to track your progress and modify the program for you as needed to reach the goals you are looking to achieve.  These are kept private and logged into your personal online member portal.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes for your workout, and plan accordingly for your "before" photos. You can wear whatever you are comfortable with for these photos! Note that the more skin you show, the more change you will see. Ladies typically wear a sports bra and shorts; Men usually opt for shirtless and shorts. We tend to see big changes in thighs, stomach, hips, etc. Remember that you can never go back and “re-take” your before pictures, so we do encourage you to take them, even if you do this on your own. (We've learned this from disappointed members in the past that did not take pictures!)

One aspect that really sets Eupraxia apart is our focus and guidance with nutrition. We will do everything we can to teach you the most healthy, effective, easy way to eat for life. We want to set you up for a lifetime of success! We highly encourage you to attend Dr. Steve Czys' nutrition presentation. You will be amazed with how much you learn in one hour. This class will give you scientific insight and make the topic of nutrition simple to understand. We will keep you posted on any and all of these nutrition seminars, as they are scheduled every 6-8 weeks. Feel free to bring a friend, spouse, or any other guest to these events.

"This presentation was impressive and very informative. I go to UWL and have been for 3 years and I have learned more in this presentation about nutrition than I have at UWL. Amazing stuff, very well presented.  Jake Meiller"

When you get signed up, you can start working out right away. We do recommend bringing a water bottle. We do sell bottled water if you forget. It does help if you can show up around 10 minutes early during your first week so the trainer is able to go over exercises with you beforehand. Just let them know you are new and make sure you let us know if something doesn't feel quite right. We are here to help!