A Program Created by Doctors

About Us

Over the past 10+ years in practice I keep hearing the same thing from patients, time and time again; They want to get healthier and lose weight but have three problems. They don’t know what exercises to do, they get intimidated in the gym, and they don’t know how to eat to help weight loss. I have decided to create a fitness program that solves all of these issues!

Eupraxia is a program designed to help people get stronger, lose weight, fit into clothes you haven’t worn in years, have more energy with your family, or simply to look and feel better. We do not teach a gimmick or diet fad, we do not try and sell you on some magic pills, powders, or potions. We teach you how to make healthy food and exercise choices to achieve whatever your goals are. Our program works for everyone, even if you haven’t exercised in years, as long as you are willing to put in the effort. After the initial 6 weeks, members have the option to go to a month to month or yearly plan at a much discounted rate.

What Makes Us Different?

Eupraxia is different than the traditional health club, gym or fitness center in that every workout is an instructor led, group fitness experience. Your coach and teammates are always right there to help you stay motivated and to push you to reach your goals. Each day will consist of one of many different workouts to address every aspect of fitness. The different workouts include; plyometrics, kettlebells, circuit training, upper body strength, lower body strength, honey badger, tabata, and kickboxing. The workouts will always be changing to keep it fun and exciting.

We also offer nutrition classes and counseling as part of every membership. We host a private Facebook group for members only. This not only provides an amazing support system, but is also home to a wealth of files and documents to help you navigate healthier nutrition choices. We will help you clear up any confusion you may have around food and nutrition!


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We promise to you that our mission guides us. We will always provide the best product available, based on the best available scientific evidence. We promise to maintain the highest possible standards in terms of program quality, customer service, and nutritional information. We will only provide products that are based on nutritional requirement, not marketing potential. We promise to always create a program as we would for ourselves or our own families