Our high-demand fitness program has revolutionized the wellness industry! We are now offering in limited markets ownership opportunity for qualified individuals seeking a low startup cost, low overhead, high profit, wellness based fitness center. The fitness/wellness industry continues to explode as over 70% of Americans are now overweight or obese and looking for help. Everyone is a potential customer! There is no initial franchise fee. You will get on call support 24/7. You will be your own boss and have your nights and weekends free!

We are humbled and excited to help Eupraxia reach (and transform) more people and to help others realize the dream of owning their own business, changing lives … living with purpose and ethics.

Eupraxia is striving to bring life changing transformation to all parts of the country, but we will not sacrifice the integrity of the program in favor of rapid expansion. Eupraxia is made up of real people with real results, from the photos on our website to the products we promote. Eupraxia is committed to growing quietly and organically. We promise to maintain the highest possible standards in terms of program quality, customer service, and nutritional information.

If you are ready to invest yourself more completely in helping people transform through Eupraxia, you can be quickly qualified and trained to open a Eupraxia of your own. You can look forward to going to work every day, you can make a living full of purpose, changing people’s lives. We can show you how. If you’re interested in Eupraxia, passionate about helping others, and want to make a great living improving the lives of others, we want to work with you.

  • You earn a great living by helping others
  • Extremely rewarding, satisfying career
  • Be your own boss
  • Control your own future and security
  • No company politics
  • Flexible work schedule
  • More time with your family
  • Family participation in the business
  • Build equity in your own business
  • Opportunity for new challenge and growth
  • No long travelling or commuting
  • You have fun operating your own business
  • Become an important part of your community
  • Free weekends, daytime business hours
  • Personal fulfillment, enjoyment, satisfaction
  • No initial franchise fee
  • Own a business with a proven system for success