Variety! We have a ton of variety to keep from the monotony of doing the same thing over and over again.

Our workouts include: Kettlebells, Kickboxing (we beat on heavy bags, which is a heck of a lot more fun than punching the air), Strength training, Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics, Cardio Training, Circuit Training, Tabata Workouts and Mobility.

The way we structure our workouts makes them super easy to scale to ALL ability levels!

There is nothing worse than getting bored with your workouts and losing the motivation to continue. We do everything we can to keep it fun, challenging, and exciting.


  • Simply put kettlebell training is awesome. By their nature, typical kettlebell exercises build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, abs, legs, and shoulders, and increase grip strength. The basic movements, such as the swing, snatch, and the clean and jerk, engage the entire body at once. Kettlebell workouts are also great for developing tight, lean looking abs. The great part about kettlebells is then can be used at any level of fitness from beginner to serious weight lifter.

  • Kickboxing is not only a great workout; it’s a great way to take out all of the frustrations of daily life on a punching bag. Not only will you have a lot of fun during this workout, you will gain confidence in yourself while building stronger more defined arms and legs.

  • What is Honey Badger? One of the biggest myths in fitness is that you need to spend an hour in the gym to get results. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Honey Badger is a very tough and intense animal, that is what this workout is. We put 20 minutes on the clock and we do a series of non stop exercises for that 20 minutes. Each Honey Badger workout is different so you never get bored do the same old thing. If you think that 20 minutes isn’t enough, you have not tried one of these workouts. The workout is designed to work for a person at any fitness level. We have had 70+ year old members to 18 year old athletes get a great Honey Badger workout.

  • Circuit Training is a combination of all 6 of our other workouts in one. You will get a little bit of everything in a short, intense, fat-burning workout.

  • Strengthening your lower body will turn you into a fat burning machine! One of the best things of strength training is your muscles will be burning calories for two full days after your workout as the muscles repair and get stronger. Strengthening your legs not only gives you a firm, tone look, it also promotes fat loss throughout your entire body.

  • Upper Body strength class is done to help add lean muscle mass to your arms and back. When done properly, upper body strengthening will help restore and maintain proper posture. Our program will build strength and help sculpt tone, shapely arms.

  • Plyometrics is a type of exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose of functional improvement. Plyometric exercises may also be referred to as explosive exercises. Plyometrics has been shown across the literature to be beneficial to a variety of people. Benefits range from injury prevention, power development and speed performance amongst others.