Eupraxia offers full-time and part-time internships and group fitness instructor positions at our health and fitness centers.

We have had the benefit of having many students from many different schools in the area and have found the experience to be great on both of our ends.

The ideal situation is for underclassman, that get a couple years of experience with us. It is a paid position, satisfies internship requirements, and future employers love seeing experience on a resume.

The full-time internship in particular is very hands-on, and well rounded.

Some of our past interns/trainers are going to be able to tell you best about the experience you will get at Eupraxia...

The most valuable information I learned in college was from Eupraxia

You can tell when you get here that they put a lot of effort into their internship...I never had a dull moment.

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I love the simple approach to fitness and nutrition, and you get both here!

I think one of the biggest things is the connection you make with people. They can't teach you that at school.

If you have the opportunity to intern and/or work for Eupraxia, don't pass it up!

You will definitely able to put what you have learned with your degree to use!

I began my time at Eupraxia during my third year of undergrad at UWL, not really knowing what I wanted to do. I was looking for a way to incorporate my passion for health and wellness into my career, and WOW, was Eupraxia exactly what I was looking for.


I started attending classes for a few months to become familiar with the workout style as well as learn the correct form and technique. By attending classes and observing other trainers' coaching styles, I learned how to effectively communicate form/technique cues for members to correctly execute movements. While attending Steve’s nutritional seminars, new insight was gleaned as Eupraxia also promotes a simple approach to eating which challenges the previously taught knowledge of the food pyramid and common misconceptions of nutritional needs.
Eupraxia provided growth in more ways than I ever could have imagined. Not only did I gain knowledge around nutrition and fitness, but it encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone every single day, growing my self-confidence. When I began, I was quiet and kept to myself (something you can’t do in this environment).  Given training and time, I grew my interpersonal skills being able to personally connect and build relationships among each and every member that came through the door. This is a skill that can not be taught in a classroom, and possibly one of the most important life skills to have no matter the career you choose. This experience afforded connections and developed acquaintances with like minded people that grew into solid friendships for life. In addition, I learned how to create workouts based upon the Eupraxia exercise model, gained understanding of how to provide modifications on the spot for members with limitations, and developed insight as to when to encourage others to challenge their strength and build their own confidence.


Steve Czys created this community to encourage others to become athletes for life. He strives to give people the tools to be physically active and healthy so life can be enjoyed and embraced. The Eupraxia internship experience allowed me to see fitness in a different way, and I can assure you that it was one of the best opportunities that I have ever had. So good that I stayed for another 4 years!
~Karissa Bjornstad

The opportunity that you provided me for my last semester of school has been phenomenal. I've learned so much these past few months, whether it was learning how a business works, gaining experience in a practical setting for health/fitness, or just learning more about myself and who I am as an individual, and this internship has given me experience beyond compare at this point in my life.

Another thing I wanted to thank you for is the continuous inspiration and motivation. You and Lindsay both have lit a fire in me. Prior to this semester, I was entirely UN-sure about what I wanted to do with life, and where I wanted to go (obviously I'm still not entirely sure what's next, but you have helped steer me down the right path). The way that you two are always talking about setting goals and continuing to learn, and to basically never quit striving for what you want and continue bettering one's self, is truly inspiring. It's taught me to never be satisfied, and that I do indeed have what it takes to make something of myself. Entering this semester, I'd been far to complacent with life (for quite some time), and was accustomed to things just kind of working themselves out, with seemingly little effort. I've learned that this just won't do for a 23-year-old male with his whole life still ahead of him. I've started seeing things in a much different light this semester, and you two have played a HUGE part in that, so again, I thank you. You don't understand how much I appreciate it”

~Joe Berdan

This internship was everything I could have hoped for and more. I learned so much about nutrition and
different exercise styles that I have never been introduced to before. I have learned a great deal about
how a fitness center operates both from a managerial and trainer point-of-view, and seen how much
progress can be made when people believe in and embrace a healthy eating/fitness lifestyle. One of the
skills I really developed during my time here was the ability to improvise a workout based on the
limitations of a client. There is a wide range of ages and abilities, and with that comes many different
physical and emotional limitations, and learning how to deal with these has been a fun but challenging
Lindsay and Steve are two wonderful, inspirational people who care deeply about helping people
maximize their health potential. They are approachable and always willing to help you learn. I would
highly recommend to any fitness student looking for an internship to try Eupraxia, as it has been one of
the greatest experiences of my life.

~Ray Marx

Growing up as a multi-sport athlete and going to UW-L for Community Health, I thought I had a pretty good handle on living a holistic lifestyle. As a trainer at Eupraxia, I immediately enhanced my understanding in exercise physiology. Eupraxia wants student trainers to understand every aspect of the workout- body positioning, weight recommendations and muscle engagement. The classes range from 17-65 year old’s, athletes and people who haven't walked in a gym in 10 years. However, everyone walks in the door wanting the person next to them to succeed. Overtime, I witnessed physical improvements in the members (and myself!!), new friendships, confidence, self-worth, along with a greater understand of what ‘healthy’ really means for individuals. Eupraxia is a flexible, fun, and great learning experience that will carry on for the rest of your life. Steve makes sure trainers always train hard and Lindsay continues to find innovative ways to keep classes motivating. Plus, you get a free membership and facility perks . Finding a program like Eupraxia has been one of the best experiences for me. There are no gimmicks. Learn how to live right, gain confidence, and lose self-doubt.

~Tina Monsour

Eupraxia initially for me was just a place I had heard of and figured hey, I need a job shadow.  Little
did I know it would turn into one of the best and most rewarding jobs I've ever had! Eupraxia has
enabled me to learn a lot about myself and help others in more ways than I could ever imagine.
Helping a member alter their lifestyle is huge, you become an intimate part of their life, and them
yours. The impact is a unique experience that one can only experience through direct participation.
Eupraxia offers exercise and nutrition assistance in a way that is approachable and educational to
everyone be it a new member, alumni or a trainer.

~Jack Sullivan

I began an internship at Eupraxia at the very first location right when they opened. Prior to finding this
internship opportunity, I was already very passionate about fitness and nutrition. However, Eupraxia
completely changed the way I view a healthy lifestyle and I still live by the principles I learned there to
this day. I learned so much about how to exercise properly and efficiently while working as a trainer. I
learned even more about how to properly fuel the body. What I thought was healthy turned out to be
completely opposite. After training at Eupraxia, I began my graduate studies in nutrition where I
learned that even the most highly educated individuals in the world of nutrition have it somewhat
wrong. I received my credentials and now have the education and knowledge to continue educating
clients the way Eupraxia taught me to eat several years ago. If it weren’t for the knowledge that Steve
instilled in me, I might still be having sandwiches on whole wheat bread with a glass of milk thinking
I’m helping my body. Now I confidently educate clients every day on simple, proper nutrition. Thank
you Eupraxia for changing the way I eat and live.

~Jordan Tredinnick

As I neared the end of my college career at UW-LaCrosse, I was tasked with the responsibility of finding a gym within the area to become involved with, as a means to get a feel for what a career in fitness could be like. I started asking around and soon came to learn about Eupraxia. From the first time I spoke with someone who had some personal experience with the organization, to my interview with Steve, I was hooked. Everyone spoke passionately about the organization which made me incredibly eager to start.

The way most student trainers begin at Eupraxia is by participating in classes for month before starting to teach class. Looking back on my experience, I completely understand why student trainers go through this first. Not only did I have the chance to experience Eupraxia as a member for a month, but I also learned that the shape I believed I was in prior to coming to Eupraxia was far from “in-shape.” (I got my butt kicked during that first month). Once I made it through the first month, I started working alongside the trainers and began teaching one class here and there. Following each class, the trainer would give me feedback on what I did right and what I still needed to work on. I continued with that until both the trainers and I felt comfortable to be on my own. From that moment on, my initial intrigue and eagerness about Eupraxia turned into passion and excitement of being a part of an organization that proves to make incredible changes in the lives of its members.

It is impossible to sum up my entire experience as student trainer at Eupraxia using only words. Not only did I grow physically as a result of the workout routines, but I also grew mentally and emotionally. I never thought I would have the courage to get up in front of group of people and motivate them enough to break a sweat and push themselves to points they never thought they themselves could get to on their own. The trainers helped to push me to be a better trainer, leader, and motivator when it comes to the fitness world. In addition to the trainers, each and every member taught me how to be a better trainer and a better person. They continually approached me with questions that challenged me in ways that required me to utilize the knowledge I was gaining through school, they were incredibly supportive of me as a student, and each and every one made me feel like part of their family. The entire organization of Eupraxia is a family, in that every member and every trainer are motivators and supporters embarking on the same journey that is achieving and promoting a fit and healthy life for themselves. No matter how bad of a day one has, the moment they step into the gym they are greeted by smiling faces and an enthusiasm that is contagious and large enough to get them through a great workout.

Although I am no longer a student trainer with Eupraxia, I continue to utilize the skills I learned in my daily life. I continue to find ways to motivate to live a better, healthier way in every aspect that I can. I am incredibly grateful the experience I had and would recommend it to every student looking to go into a career in fitness. You will NEVER find an organization like Eupraxia, no matter how hard you look!

~Loran Hazlett

Please submit a resume and cover letter to
Call 608-781-4959 or email with any questions.
Full-time Internship duties include:

Learning Eupraxia Workouts

Structure Your Own Workout(s)

Leading Group Fitness Classes

Learning and Implementing our Nutrition Plan to Best Assist Members

Learning How Eupraxia is Managed

Some Marketing to Learn To Build Memberships

Administer Fitness Tests and New Member Orientations

Helping Keep the Facilities Clean and More


We will work with how many hours you need to determine your hours per week.